Lawn Care and the services we provide

Turf Maintenance

Turf-mowing season could span over four to six months, usually May to September. The following is the schedule we strive to follow, weather permitting!

  1. Early Spring to June: Every 7 to 10 days.
  2. July to September: Every 7 to 14 days.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleanup is performed between April 15 and June 30, pending weather and preference.

  • Leaves, sticks and other winter debris are collected and removed from beds and tree rings.
  • Minor pruning of shrubbery, ornamental trees and ground covers (that are not pruned in fall) is performed.
  • Dead and/or damaged material is removed (major removals at additional costs).
  • An edge is cut around trees and bed lines and removed when applicable. A pre-emergent grass/weed control is applied to all beds. Existing weeds are treated with a post-emergent or removed as needed.
  • A tree and plant food (12-12-12) is applied, followed by a layer of shredded hardwood mulch (or other as specified) as needed to maintain a depth of approximately 2 inches.
  • All work areas are blown clean and left in an orderly condition.


  1. Trash, sticks and other lawn debris are collected (excessive trash and debris can result in additional costs).
  2. The turf around the base of any stationary object is treated to reduce possible damage to the object by trimming equipment.
  3. Sidewalks and other concrete bordering will be cut by a lawn edger and/or string trimmer.


Turf will be mowed on a schedule approved by customer (weekly, bi-weekly, etc). Mowing service includes turf mowing, line trimming along beds and turf edges, and cleanup of clippings and other debris from sidewalks, driveways and other hard surfaces.

Chemical Applications

Turf areas fertilized on a customized schedule per maintenance agreement. Pre-emergent fertilizers may be applied in late winter, followed by application(s) or nitrogen-based fertilizers in the summer, and finally a winterizing fertilizer in late fall. Our program can be customized in any way to meet your lawn’s needs.

Bed Edging

Beds and tree-rings edged to separate landscaped areas from turf.

Fall Services Details

  1. For sites that have densely planted trees and/or large, mature trees, leaf removal is a must for maintaining a clean, orderly appearance. Once the leaves begin lightly dropping in the fall, mowing crews take extra time to cut the leaves into small, fine pieces during routine mowing visits
  2. When leaves start falling in heavy concentrations, they are gathered together by means of commercial blowers and either carried off into an on-site wooded area (to be used as natural mulch) or collected by means of a vacuum and removed.
  3. A final, touch-up leaf removal visit may be performed in the late fall to leave the appearance of your property clean and orderly over the winter months. If leaf removal is on an “on-call” basis, budgets may be exceeded and additional costs incurred.


As part of our fall cleanup service, thatch buildup is removed from turf areas. Above-ground roots called thatch can block sunlight and moisture from soil if allowed to accumulate. Removing this buildup of thatch in the fall will help prepare your turf for winter and set it up for a healthy spring.


Soil compaction during the summer months can prevent oxygen from reaching the roots of your grass making nutrient absorption difficult. Aeration removes small plugs of soil from your yard, allowing oxygen to reach turf roots, and helping to prevent fertilizer runoff in the fall and spring months.